The Journey

Machines don't pay attention to detail quite like hands do

All the pieces you will find here are crafted by hand using traditional techniques. Jewelry is one of the few pieces of adornment that is worn purely as a symbol to express your inner self. Something that sacred to the wearer deserves to be made with the upmost care and love. That is most certainly the major focus in my studio as I work to take raw silver and gemstones and make them into something that you will cherish and wear with pride throughout your life.

I invite you into my little studio! Where each piece is handcrafted and cared for before it makes it's final journey to you.

Because the gemstones I work with are natural and unique in their own way, even if I'm working with gems of the same size and cut, a custom fit setting is built from fine silver.

After settings are fitted and bands sized and textured, the final joining operation takes place. I take great care to position the stone in it's best light and am very conscious of how it will be positioned in the final piece. Come to think of it, it's amusing to reflect about how much time I do spend on insuring that everything is aligned and perfect for the stone, the design and the wearer!

The actual process of joining pieces together takes far less time.

Hands-down, the place where I spend most of my time is my bench pin. Its a wooden wedge with custom notches and grooves to better handle the tiny bits and pieces in my hands. It's here where the metal is cut, the stones are fawned over, the shaping takes place, final polish is given.

Pieces start and finish here before being lovingly packaged and sent off to you.

And I hope the piece you receive enchants and inspires you to invoke your inner magic, embrace your natural beauty and express your unique take on elegance.